My Model X Walkaround

I went to pick up my new Model S (pictured above to the left of the X) and noticed a rather large beast in the window, so I thought I’d take a quick look and film it:

Things to check when you pick up your Tesla

I will just start by saying I love my Tesla Model S but it is important to us all (as both owners, shareholders, staff & potential customers) that all the cars are in perfect condition on collection. I’ve experienced perfect customer service on both of my cars when I’ve had problems and they have always…

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Phantom 4 Accessories – The best ones to buy

Straight out of the box the Phantom 4 is ready to fly, as long as you learn the basics of how to fly it and how to stay safe when flying it, however, here are the full list of things I’ve purchased for the Phantom 4 and what I believe are ‘must have’ accessories: A…

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