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The ‘Must Have’ DJI Osmo Accessories

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Pro Camera Mount for cars/windows

This Delkin Camera mount is extremely solid, can hold a full DSLR so the Osmo is childs play. I’ve combined the Osmo with Extension Rod in the past to have the Osmo less than 1FT from the floor whilst travelling at 50mph+

Osmo now sell an own branded alternative but it looks much smaller that this Delkin version however it does offer 3-way support + comes with a 3-way locking arm.

Extension arms

The Osmo often requires additional products to fully complete the device (e.g. external Microphone) to attach these you either need an Extension Arm + a Universal Mount or a 360° Mic Mount.

The beauty of using the Extension Arm + a Universal Mount is that you can place the microphone on the right side of the Osmo which evens out the weight balance on the device when combined with a mobile phone on the left side in the holder.

Universal Mount

The Universal Mount is for attaching Microphones, lights etc, mine is primarily used for the Microphone I use but now they’ve created the 360° Mic Mount some people won’t need to buy this, however, I believe the above mount will give a more substantial hold.1

Extension Rod

extension-rodThe extension rod is quite obviously for extending the distance from you and the camera but also when combined with the tripod foot it becomes a usable tripod.



The Osmo tripod is not something I’ve used very often but it’s ideal for travelling as it’s so compact, it must be combined with the extension rod it’s ideal for time lapses.

Rode VideoMicro Microphone

The built-in Microphone on the Osmo sucks, an external microphone is a must, this Rode Microphone requires no batteries and is simple to use, it simply works. Check both links for the best price: or

A decent large memory card


The Osmo filming in 4K needs a memory card that can handle both the data transfer speed + the sheer quantity of data that will be stored per minute, a 64GB card seems the obvious choice. A SanDisk Extreme is the bare minimum with a SanDisk Extreme Pro being my go to card for anything I need to ensure 100% works.

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

Anker Micro USB 3 Card Reader


Pretty obvious what this does and it’s my go-to brand for tech.

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

Bonus: Learn the Osmo walk

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