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Audi Q4 E-Tron test drive and first impressions compared with the Model Y spec

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When Model Y still isn’t available to order, Model X won’t be here for another year (I ordered a Plaid) and you have a second child arriving next month, you have to consider going to the dark side.

I test drove the Audi Q4 E-Tron today, which is basically the closet thing you can get to a Model Y excluding the Ford Mach E (size wise).

A nice car although with the spec we want (Audi Q4 Etron 40 Vorsprung) it’s not cheap at £62,000 especially when a top-spec’d Performance Model Y is likely ~£63,000… although the Audi is only a £250 fully refundable deposit 🤔🤔🤔

For anyone interested here is my brain dump:

The front of the Q4 E-Tron 40, which looks vastly superior in the ‘Black Edition’ IMHO

Performance / Range / Driving / Charging

Note lots of these features listed below are optional extras but are included in the £62K price point we’re considering for the Vorsprung (top spec’d vehicle).

77kWh battery ✅
250-270 miles of range ✅
Heat pump ✅
Average acceleration 0-60mph 8.5s VS 4.8s for Model Y LR 😒
Top speed 99mph Vs 135-155mph from MY 😒
125kW CCS 😒 + 11kW type 2 ✅
Poor regen ❌ (Although CarWow saying it’s powerful so need to double-check that)
Rear-wheel drive only (for now, would be nice to try/buy the AWD) 😒
Drum brakes on the rear 😒 (some argue this is good but my gut feeling is this is VW group saving money, especially on the top spec’d model)
Good handling for an SUV ✅
Range varies depending on the wheel size (19 = best, 21 = worst)
More efficient than a standard E-Tron ✅
Decent visibility ✅
Adaptive dampening ✅
Steering options ✅
Show % instead of miles ✅

Where is the frunk storage space…?
A sizeable boot which is increased in usability by removing the floor and parcel shelf

Boot / Doors

No frunk ❌
Powered boot (possible kick sensor) ✅
No Soft close doors ❌😂
Lots of storage in the doors ✅

Impressive MATRIX headlights on this S-Line model

Technology / Features

Pre-condition the car via the app or timers ✅
Augmented HUD ✅
Small/Average main screen ❌
Remote app unlocking and locking ✅ but no phone key 😒
Electronic Foldable Tow bar ✅
Software updates? ❌ / 🤷‍♂️
Second driver screen with maps etc ✅
12v in the boot, middle row and front ✅
USB-C throughout ✅
Fancy + practical Matrix headlights ✅
Fancy rear lights ✅
Adaptive cruise with stop and start ✅
Active lane assist ✅
Auto park ✅
‘AR creator’ software that continually moves the car within lane to avoid potholes etc ✅
Heated front seats only 😒
Audi nav system 😒
Handwriting recognition 😒
Average voice control ❌
Sonos sound system (10 speakers) ✅
QI wireless phone chargers ✅
Wireless Apple CarPlay ✅
Ambient colour interior ✅
No 3rd screen like standard e-Tron 😒
Rear cross-traffic assist ✅

The cabin is modern, well built and high quality but full of glossy black fingerprint magnets!

The Cabin / Seats

Space for a Labrador, 2 kids and 2 adults ✅
Nice build quality ✅
All glass roof ✅
Adjustable armrest ✅
Memory seats with lumbar ✅
Glossy trim ❌
Traditional AC vents 😒
Ski hatch 😒
Decent sound deadening ✅
Physical buttons for cooling/heating (better than the ID.4 touch stuff) 😒
Decent rear space for 3 people with impressive head and legroom ✅

Plenty of leg and headroom in the rear with almost lie flat rear seats.

Extra items

Free PodPoint wall box ✅
£150 worth of free roaming public rapid charging including IONITY ✅
1 RFID card that works with 18 brands ✅
Optional vegan seats ✅
Sister car to ID3 and Enyaq which are both much cheaper 😒
Available for purchase now but depending on spec delivery in 6-12 week ✅


We really like it but with a likely end of Q3/Q4 delivery date for the spec we want the Model Y could arrive at the same time…

Audi Q4 E-Tron 40 S-Line, I personally think the ‘Black Pack’ makes this car a lot better looking

Side-by-side comparison

FeatureModel Y Performance (estimated £63,000)Audi Q4 E-Tron Vorsprung (£62,000 – Top Spec 2WD)
Battery75 kWh (72.5kWh usable)82 kWh (77kWh usable)
Heat Pump✅ (Optional)
0-62mph4.8s (LR) or 3.7s (LR P)8.5s (Rear wheel) 6.2s (AWD)
AWD❌ (Soon to be available)
Seats5 or 7 (heated front + rear)5 (heated front)
Range250 miles (326 listed)255 miles (316 listed)
Screen15″10.1” + Driver screen
HUD✅ with augmented reality
Charging250kW CCS + 11.5kW AC125kW CCS + 11kW AC
LightsLEDLED Matrix with customisable patterns + washers
AppYesYes (heating/cooling, range & unlock/lock)
Software updates🤷‍♂️
BrakesPerformance Brembo BrakesNo spec but rear are drum brakes
Storage1900 L total1490 L total (no frunk)
Tow✅ (electronic & foldable)
Powered Boot✅ (possible foot sensor)
Adaptive Cruise with Lane Assist + Stop/Start
Apple CarPlay✅ (Wireless)
Sound systemOwn brand 14 speakersSonos 10 speaker
Phone charging✅ (USB-C x 4) + (2 x QI chargers) + 1 x 12V✅ (USB-C x 4) + (2 x QI chargers) + 3 x 12V

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