20 new features we want for the Tesla Mobile App

I asked in the official UK owners group what functions should the new Tesla App have when 8.0 is released (or iOS app version 3), here are the answers:


The app lacks the following features (answers sorted in order of importance from the 80 UK owners that responded to my survey).

  • Trip planning inside the app
  • Disable the car remotely (e.g. Car gets stolen
  • Cold weather controls (seats, front and rear window & steering wheel)
  • Touch ID to unlock app
  • Open/close sunroof and Windows fully
  • Change charge schedule
  • Change charging rate
  • Live feed from cameras
  • Warm battery up
  • Data logging (like Teslalog)
  • Driver profile switch
  • Open/Close trunk
  • Home automation support (IFTTT etc)
  • Audio system control (so users in the rear could control music from the app
  • Tesla publishes the API / JSON

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