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My honest views on the Model Y RHD after driving ~7 years in a Tesla for anyone that cares:

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  1. All the usual stuff that existing owners know about (OTA updates, performance, supercharging, app, EAP features, screen etc etc etc)
  2. It gave me almost the same Tesla smile that I get every single time I do a launch or spirited drive in my P100D, it’s so great to know you have that performance there when you need it.
  3. Much easier to get in and out of compared with S/3
  4. Damn it’s sexier in person than in the photos
  5. Seats felt comfy and spacious, less ‘hugging’ than my S though
  6. High up driving position reminds me of the X, the car actually feels quite small to drive
  7. I feel like LR is the sweet spot (although haven’t tried a P), but I likely would grab the performance boost/upgrade (if available)
  1. 20″ Induction wheels are great to look at, road feel wasn’t anywhere near as harsh as I was expecting (thanks to 90% of the reviews scaring me into thinking I’d made a big mistake ordering them), it feels not massively different to my 21″ on my S
  2. Love the one-foot pedal driving, obviously, the majority of 3 owners and newer S will know this feeling already, but I really like it.
  3. The frunk feels so incredibly light to lift
  4. So much usable space throughout
  5. Those electronic rear folding seats are great
  6. Wow the headroom is insane, a spread hands worth of space above my head compared to 4 fingers (closed) on my S
  7. Door pockets!
  8. That glass roof is damn sexy
  9. Yay, HEPA filter, which makes driving past Tesla Milton Keynes Service palatable (there is a sewage works opposite)
  10. Great to see AMD Ryzen chip, dual glass and presumably Li-ion ’12V’


  1. Those awful number plate holders, they were rattling on the test cars (likely not helped because of the slightly smaller trade plates on them), it will be the first thing I’ll be ripping off.
  2. [Talking about the Red LHD one on display only] Damn I wish they trained every single person that touches the cars that a dirty/used cloth or a car that isn’t perfectly clean when it’s dry cleaned with a cloth will leave awful swirl marks. Even my Dad (not a car snob like me), commented on it.
  3. I still dislike the door handles (I guess that will grow on me, otherwise I likely will pay to have 3rd party automatic presenting handles).
  4. Plastic pedals look cheap, glad I’ve paid for some 3rd party replacement ones
  5. Shame there isn’t a dark headliner option
  6. The steering wheel still feels quite small in my hands and yet too thick at the same time, not a big issue and would get use to it.
  7. Lack of a HUD, it’s great in our Hyundai Kona EV that this is replacing, again probably will get use to it
  8. Lack of rear cross-traffic alert (again great feature in our Hyundai Kona EV)
  9. Voice control still annoyingly stupid / poor to understand, e.g. I was showing my dad how you could use it to control the heating and it says “Voice command unknown” when I said something like ‘Turn up the heating’ 🤦‍♂️
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