Can you drive long distance in a Tesla?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes and if you don’t believe me contact me and I’ll arrange an overnight or two-day test drive to allow you to give it proper go. Between now and then go to or and check for yourself or visit for similar and independent checks.

I just drove 110 miles on LFA (Lane Follow Assist) and Smart Cruise control in the Hyundai Kona EV and I’m impressed (a Tesla owner reviews the Kona)

I actually prefer the lane change method compared to the V8 software on the Tesla, however, V9 in the Tesla is superior but it should be for nearly 3x the price! The Kona system is also superior to Jaguar’s iPace at nearly 3x the price! 😂   My initial thoughts: When LFA disables itself (e.g. lack…

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Tesla Model S Light Show + Model X Dance Sync (2018.33.6)

Up until September 8th 2018, Model X owners have had to manually sync Model X dances between multiple cars using the trusty counting from 1…2…3… method, however, Tesla today has released a hidden software easter egg within ‘My Tesla‘ which enables you to sync with multiple Tesla cars (as long as you have 3 or…

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My Referral Discount Codes

Bulb Renewable Energy – £50 discount Tesla – Free supercharging on your order & – Free £20 M&S or Amazon voucher on yearly purchase Turo – Rent awesome cars – Free $25 spend Hotels Tonight – Book hotels the day you need a room to save money – Free £15…

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My new Resin Water Filter

Having to dry your car after cleaning is rather boring, my car detailer explained how a water filter helps with this and after some recommendations from Symon Parsley & Martin Crossley on the official Tesla UK Facebook page I purchased this setup. I purchased: TDS PPM Meter 2 x 4.6 Litre DI Pressure Vessels 25…

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Tesla Milton Keynes Store and Service Centres gets ready to launch

Tesla UK are ready to launch their latest Showroom and Service Centre in sunny Milton Keynes! These will be split into two locations: Sales Address: Tesla Sales, Midsummer Boulevard, MK9 3EP (unsure of exact location, possibly near the Apple store…) Service Address: Tesla Service Milton Keynes Northfield Drive, Unit A Northfield Drive, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DQ (exact location on Google Maps)…

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