Tesla UK Glossary / Acronyms

Forums and Facebook are superb places for us to discuss our cars but often abbreviations, acronyms and slang usage means some users are completely lost or frantically Googling to keep up. This glossary relates to Tesla and the UK EV (Electric Vehicle) market, anything I’ve missed please add in the comments.
Acronym Description
60 60 kWh Tesla Model S
70 70 kWh Tesla Model S
75 75 kWh Tesla Model S
80 80 kWh Tesla Model S
90 90 kWh Tesla Model S
100 100 kWh Tesla Model S
60D 60 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
70D 70 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
75D 75 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
85D 85 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
90D 90 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
100D 100 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
A Ampere (amp), the SI unit of electric current
AP Autopilot
AP2 Autopilot 2
AS Auto Steer
AWD All Wheel Drive (4x4)
Awesome A word that should be mentioned whenever you see anyone called Graham.
BEV Battery electric vehicle. Cars like Tesla or Nissan Leaf are sometimes called BEV to differentiate them from fuel cell vehicles are also electric vehicles.
BHP Brake horsepower (BHP) is the measure of an engine's horsepower (HP) before the loss in power caused by the gearbox, alternator, differential, water pump, and other auxiliary components such as power steering pump, muffled exhaust system, etc.
Bio Weapon Defence Mode The marketing term for a HEPA filter. See HEPA.
Blackvue A manufacture of dash cameras
BMS Battery Management System.
Bulb A home energy provider that offers a fully renewable power supply
CAN Controller Area Network.
CCS Combined Charging System (SAE DC fast charging connector, based on the J1772 in N. America and the Mennekes type 2 plug in Europe)
Ceramic Ceramic paint protection
CHAdeMO A Japanese-developed standard for EV DC quick charging, often found at Ecotricity, Chargemaster and CYC charger points. The 2nd quickest method to charge your Tesla (if you’ve got the £400+ adaptor available from Tesla).
Chargebump An app that allows you to privately message other cars without either parties revealing their private details. You enter the car registration plate of the car you want to ‘bump’ and it sends them an alert, they can then respond with a message e.g. “Back in 5 minutes” etc.
CID Central Information Display (see also MCU)
Commando A type of power socket often found around industrial units, backs of hotels, farms, campsites etc.
Creep A mode on the Tesla that when your foot is off the brake the car will edge forward at somewhere between 0-2mph. Optional on all cars, switch in the settings.
CRM Customer Relationship Management - Often in relation to the emails they send owners
D Dual motor: A Model S equipped with two (front and rear axle) motors, each with a fixed gear reduction and a power inverter to provide all wheel drive. This improves traction, stability, and efficiency at high speed. It also increases the power and performance of the Model S at the expense of higher cost, weight, and smaller frunk space.
Dash Cam A small camera that sits on the windscreen (& often rear screen as well) which constantly records video in case of an accident etc.
Dechrome To remove the chrome parts around the windows of a car
Destination charger A charger that should be free to use if you’re a Tesla owner and are using the facilities of the location the charger is situated at. e.g. a hotel may offer it but generally it’s only for hotel guests. Of course, in an emergency you should be fine to use but these are much slower than a supercharger so shouldn’t be relied upon for journeys.
DS Delivery Specialists - The people that sort the paperwork out for your collection.
Ecotricity A home energy provider that offers fully renewable power and owners of the Electric Highway
EH Electric Highway run by Ecotricity
EM Elon Musk
EPA US Environmental Protection Agency. They test the driving range of electric vehicles and publish on their website. For example the Model S 85 has 265 miles EPA rated range. A list of all electric vehicles and their EPA rated range numbers can be found on the EPA website here. A 5 cycle test is performed to test the range. More info about this test can be found here.
EV Electric Vehicle
EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (delivers power to an EV)
FCV Fuel-Cell Vehicle (most likely hydrogen)
FWD 1. Front-wheel drive 2. Falcon wing doors
GF Gigafactory
gtechniq A brand of Ceramic Paint Protection
HEPA High-efficiency particulate air filter. Also known as Bio Weapon Defence Mode
HFCV Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle
HID High Intensity Discharge headlamps
HP Horse Power (see BHP) or Hire Purchase
HPC High-Power Connector (a Tesla specific non-portable 240V EVSE)
HPWC High-Power Wall Connector (a Tesla specific non-portable 240V EVSE)
HUD Head-Up Display
HW2 HardWare 2 (Facelift Cars with AutoPilot 2 Hardware)
IC Instrument Cluster
ICE Internal Combustion Engine
IMO In My Opinion
InsideEVs A website talking about EVs
IP Intellectual property
J1772 A SAE-developed standard for EV electrical connectors & signalling
JC (or Jaffa Cakes) Jaffa Cakes (a long running joke for UK Tesla owners) but only McVities will do.
kW Kilowatt = 1,000 W. Unit of power. Example: "The type 2 charger was 20 kW."
kWh Kilowatt-hour = 1,000 Wh. Unit of energy. Example: "The Model S battery stores 85 kWh energy."
L Ludicrous - A paid option on performance models which give stupidly fast acceleration.
L+ or Ludicrous+ Ludicrous+ is an option on P100D models, it allows the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.34 seconds
Lance Often relates to a snow foam lance
LE Liquid Elements Ceramic Paint Protection
LED LED lights / bulbs
LHD Left Hand Drive
LV Liverpool Victoria - An insurance company in the UK
Maximum Plaid The next level of acceleration that will supposedly only be for Roadster MK2
MC Multi-coat paint. Example: Tesla's MC red costs $1500 extra.
MCU Media Control Unit (the Tesla 17" touchscreen and the computer and I/O modules mounted behind it), see also CID
MPG Miles per Gallon
MPGe Miles per Gallon gasoline equivalent
MS Model S
MW Megawatt = 1,000 kW = 1,000,000 W
MWh Megawatt-hour = 1,000 kWh = 1,000,000 Wh
MX Model X
NEDC New European Driving Cycle. Electric vehicles sold in Europe advertise their range as NEDC rated range. For example the Model S 85 has 400 km NEDC rated range.
NFU National Farmers Union - An insurance company in the UK
OLEV Office for Low Emission Vehicles - They give subsidies/grants on the price of a new EV + the installation of a charger
OP Original Poster or Original Post
Opticoat A brand of Ceramic Paint Protection
OTA Over The Air updates (the car updates like your smartphone gets an update)
OVO A home energy provider that offers a fully renewable power supply (optional extra)
P Tesla Model S, general Production run
P100D Performance edition of the 100 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
P100DL Performance edition of the 100 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor with Ludicrous upgrade
P85 Performance edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S
P85+ Performance edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S with upgraded suspension and other similarities to the P85D. Discontinued.
P85D Performance edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor, replaced by P90D
P85DL Performance edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor with Ludicrous upgrade, replaced by P90DL
P90D Performance edition of the 90 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor
P90DL Performance edition of the 90 kWh Tesla Model S with Dual Motor with Ludicrous upgrade
PEM Power Electronics Module
PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
POLAR Polar is a charging network run by Chargemaster. Polar Instant is the mobile phone payment method. Polar Plus is the pay by card payment method.
REX Range extender. BMW i3 REX comes with a range extender ICE engine.
RHD Right Hand Drive
RTFM Read the f*cking manual - Often said to someone who asks a question that has been asked thousands of times. Remember you can search any Facebook group by keywords and the UK user manual is accessible on the Tesla website inside your account or a slightly older version is on here which is worth downloading and remember to use your devices search/find function to quickly find the issue you have.
RWD Rear Wheel Drive
S85 Standard (non-performance) edition of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S
SA Service Advisors
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (now SAE International) A US-based institution that develops standards for automotive and allied industries
SC 1. Supercharger 2. Service Center
Sig Tesla Model S, Signature Edition (sometimes also referred to simply as S - e.g. S1 for first sig. vehicle)
Simon An installer of dash cameras and extra lighting in the UK. Details on holbon.co.uk
Single Phase (or 1-phase) A standard power supply to the vast majority of homes and chargers in the UK charger/power.
SOC State of Charge (the % or miles of your battery)
SpC Supercharger
SvC Service Center (often SC is more openly used)
TACC Traffic Aware Cruise Control
Three Phase (3-phase) A charger/power adapter/power supply that can give a lot more power than single phase. Often these are found at industrial units, farms etc. You may be able to upgrade your home power supply to a 3-phase supply (at a cost), this will give you considerably higher charge rates at home (more so with dual chargers).
TL;DR Too long didn't read
TM 1. Tesla Motors, Inc. 2. NASDAQ Symbol of Toyota Motor Corp.
TMC 1. Tesla Motors Club 2. Toyota Motor Corporation 3. Tesla Motors Company (only made in error, not recommended)
TSLA NASDAQ stock market symbol for Tesla Motors
UMC Universal Mobile Connector (a Tesla-specific charging connector cable). Comes included with all new cars.
V Volt, the SI unit of electric potential. V = W/A
Vallie A parking company in London that will collect your Tesla, park it, charge it and return it to you via their mobile app
VIN Vehicle Identification Number. See Decoding Tesla Model S VINs
W Watt, a unit of power. W = V*A
WD West Drayton Tesla Service Centre
Wh Watt-hour, a unit of energy. 1 W applied continuously for 1 hour
Wh/km Watt-hours per kilometre. Unit of average energy consumption for electric vehicles outside the USA and UK.
Wh/mi Watt-hours per mile. Unit of average energy consumption for electric vehicles in the USA and UK.
Wrap Often referring to wrapping the car in a protective vinyl
YMMV Your Milage May Vary
Parts of this Glossary came from TMC but were rather outdated.