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Best practice guide for planning and booking a stress-free UK holiday whilst driving a Tesla

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  1. Ask the holiday house/host if you can charge via 3 pin power upfront (I find referencing ‘like a phone charger’ instead of ‘Like an Electric Fire/Kettle’ is best as it’s less scary sounding).
  2. Always offer to pay cash (even if they don’t appear to want it), give a rough idea of the cost upfront (a guide price of £4 per day is normally about right I find) and always overpay.
  3. Use a Dribox or similar and have plenty of spare cable (20M Industrial Extension Lead + 7M UMC is what I have) and remember to always full unwind the cable.
6 Airbnb locations that we’ve charged our Tesla with no problems even though they had no dedicated EV charging facilities
  1. Understand the limitations of the Mobile Connector (Gen 1 manual / Gen 2 Manual) – in short, don’t let it be submerged in water and if it fails to charge there is a reset button on it (Gen 1) or unplug it from the power (Gen 2).
  2. Make sure to double-check the socket/plug isn’t getting too warm after charging for a bit.
  3. Relax whilst your car charges overnight so you don’t have to worry about charging for the majority of your holiday.
  4. Realise there is a CCS charger 10 miles down the road anyway 🤦‍♂️😂
  5. Give the owner a link to this guide

What are your tips for EV charging success?

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