Milton Keynes gets 300-500 ‘Boris’ Bikes

Adding to the Electric Charger network in Milton Keynes we’ve now gained further improvements of between 300-500 bicycles with 42 docking locations for immediate rental across the city and unlike all the other cities with similar bike schemes we have 170 miles of Redways (dedicated cycle and pedestrian routes) across the city.

How much do they cost to hire?

£1 for the first 30-mins

£1 for every additional 30-mins

£5 for 5-24 hours

You can get discounted rates if you purchase a £60 annual pass but in reality, I can’t imagine that many people going for that option

Julian Scriven, MD of the company maintaining the bikes (Nextbike UK) said:

“Parking is a real problem in Milton Keynes sadly because I’ve experienced it myself,”

“This is one of the best cities, if not the best, for biking and this is a ridiculously cheap way of getting around Milton Keynes in a way that is also healthy.”


Where are the bike locations in Great Linford, Downhead Park, Woughton on the Green, Campbell Park?

Great Linford & Downhead park both have tons of green space, routes near the canal and access to multiple parks nearby.

Woughton on the Green is in the centre of the ‘green belt’ of Ouzel Valley Park and would have been an ideal location for some countryside locations.

Campbell Park I can appreciate is near Milton Keynes Theatre location but still it would be nice to have a few locations towards the bottom of the park (near the cricket pitch etc, as there is plenty of empty parking there during the weekend.

How do I learn more?

Go to Santander Cycles MK website to learn more and sign up