My new Resin Water Filter

Having to dry your car after cleaning is rather boring, my car detailer explained how a water filter helps with this and after some recommendations from Symon Parsley & Martin Crossley on the official Tesla UK Facebook page I purchased this setup.

I purchased:

The previous filter was an Ionic Filter, they’re great but run out pretty quickly and you basically can’t refill them so it seems rather wasteful.

tesla-snow-foamWhen pressure washing the car + snow foaming the Tesla I use water butt water with the in-line filter, this works well and uses roughly 1/4 of the 100L water butt for snow foaming and just over an additional 1/4 for pressure wash. So I can probably do two washes per full water butt.


In theory, I could place the resin filters between the water butt and the car for ‘free’ 10ppm water but I fear the filter would require more pressure.