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I have a Tesla Model 3 Reservation can I apply a referral code to my order? What if I’m in Europe?

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Yes, if you see in the screenshot above you simply click a referral link (e.g., select the product you wish to get the referral on, then click the ‘I have a Model 3 reservation’ link, login and then it applies to your order.

Will this work in Europe?

The above links should work fine, however if the referral code system wasn’t working when you ordered you can manually apply a referral code to your order by following these steps:

  1. For UK orders by emailing
  2. [email protected] with your RN number and my referral code ( And for other EU countries emailing [email protected]
  3. Enter a subject line of REFERRAL
  4. Add your reservation number to the body
  5. Along with Referral code you wish to use (e.g. william9175 is mine)
  6. & your contact info.

Can I add a referral code after the order is placed?

Technically no but If the referral code wasn’t working for some reason then yes.

For Model 3 orders in the UK email [email protected] with your RN number and my referral code (

Europe orders email [email protected]

With the subject line of REFERRAL and the body of the email containing your reservation number, referral code you wish to use and your contact info.

Alternatively Ring your local sales location and request the code is added to your order. It may be too late but most likely it will be added. You don’t quote the URL part, just the ending. e.g. william9175

Can I use my own referral code?

Yes, it does work but it will only apply if you’ve got an existing S or X vehicle.

Where can I learn more?

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