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Gaydon Tesla Meetup Charging Notes (Will Fealey + Mark Toor)

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  • Plugshare (web and phone app)
    • The best app to find chargers (photos, check-ins etc)
    • Adding your charger (home/business etc)
    • Open to all, public database
  • Teslow Juice (Model S charging network)
    • 344 charging locations
    • Private Network (Emergency use only)
    • Ranges from 3.5kw – 22kw
    • Free to use, ideally offer £10 ish if doing a full charge
    • Run by Tesla owners
  • Smart Home Chargers
    • Is it something you’re interested in?
  • Destination Chargers (including Non-Tesla)
  • JustPark (make a profit from your charger)
  • EVtripplanner

    • Add your exact car (21″ P90D) etc
    • Speed Multiplier (1.0 = drive with traffic. 1.1 = quicker than other cars. I set mine to 1.2)
    • Cabin Temperature
    • Payload etc
    • Initial Charge / Buffer amount of charge you want
  • Superchargers
    • Paired chargers (1A 1B, 2A, 2B etc) – Supercharger stalls are paired by number. Avoid using the second SC in a pair when another car is already charging or the charge rate will be slower until the first car has completed charging.
      Once the first person leaves your charge level will increase.
    • If you’re doing a range charge etc then leave your contact details on the window (imagine you were travelling to an emergency or family member dying etc but couldn’t charge because of someone sat range charging).
    • Teslapedia has videos and details on how to actually find the chargers
    • Inform businesses nearby that you’re there for the Tesla charger (knowing where business is coming from is good for them)
  • New Chademo Adaptor (Type D)
  • Use % instead of Miles for the satnav/in-car stats
  • Three Phase Charging Connectors (Thanks to Karl Shields)
  • Dribox and Industrial Extension Cables – Great backup! 
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