From stopping a major supermarket trading online for one day whilst thousands got free food to getting 500,000+ people drunk for free.


All the best pubs and walks around the city + the best charge locations


Quick and easy printables for your EV (Electric Vehicle)


Tesla, Camera Equipment, Milton Keynes etc.


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My work

Techie addicted to saving money

From helping to feed the homeless nationwide for two days to forcing one of the largest supermarkets in the UK to stop trading online for a day, I have certainly been disruptive in the money saving space. I refuse to pay full price for anything, in fact I will go as far as calling people fools if they ever pay full price!


I am senior editor of 10ways.com & I work on creating awesome tools/services to help others have more money, in fact, I founded 7able with the sole purpose of helping young people think of money not as the thing that they obsess about earning but as the tool that they use to better themselves personally.


I’m extremely thrifty and always will be, I will spend hours researching & implementing any method that can save me time or money in the future.

I’ve recently focused on automating our home & will always continue to help others in their financial affairs.


If you’ve got a tech product or service I would be more than willing to take a look and see if I can help. I specialise in social, affiliate marketing, UX design, conversion rate optimisation & effective competition running.


I could get away with calling myself a web developer but really I’m quite the novice. I can get my way around custom WordPress installs but generally rely on awesome theme designers or sending photoshop files to coders.

I also have a passion for video & photography.

A quote

“There is ALWAYS a way to get something for less. Try the obvious ways to get a discount first (shopping around, discount codes, asking for price matches etc) but if those fail it’s time to think outside the box, you could try asking yourself what does this person or company really suck at? It could be they have an awful social media presence, awful artwork on their shop walls or only poor reviews online. See if you can advise or better still show how you could fix the problem for them and in return a 100% discount could be your reward.”

Fun Facts

21 Countries Visited – with plenty more on the list

531 Articles Published

I’m allergic to coffee, yeast & cows milk

I’ve turned down the likes of Channel 4 & the BBC for both interviews & TV shows and generally like to stay under the radar.

However, if you’ve got something that can save people money and/or time then please message me immediately as I’m sure we can help each other.

My passions

Tesla & Electric Cars

faster 0-60 than most supercars & good for the local environment


DCS World A-10C | Project Cars | Battlefield Franchise | Arma 3


From remote controlled planes to quadcopters (aka drones).


Inspiring young people with the truth about money, careers & life


The joys of being hidden behind the glass

10ways to have more money

Legendary deals, profit ideas & hidden tricks.

Home Automation

Robot Hoovers | Connected Home | IFTTT and so much more


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