From stopping a major supermarket trading online for one day whilst thousands got free food to getting 500,000+ people drunk for free.

Electric Cars, Renewable Energy, Camera Equipment, Milton Keynes etc.

About my work

Techie addicted to saving money

From helping to feed the homeless nationwide for two days to forcing one of the largest supermarkets in the UK to stop trading online for a day as thousands of people shopped for free, I certainly have been disruptive in the money-saving space, I refuse to pay full price for anything, in fact, I will go as far as calling people fools if they ever pay full price. Alongside this focus on being thrifty, whilst also researching & implementing any method that can save me time or money in the future, I also have a passion and work hard on the following:


I founded 7able with the sole purpose of helping young people think of money not as the thing that they obsess about earning but as the tool that they use to better themselves personally, our content is seen by ~2 million weekly users across the UK and primarily via our 10ways platform.


I live and breath technology, startups, products and services, with a keen eye on the small details and a passion for the user experience.


Whether you want advice on your new electric car fleet or want to know the best charging infrastructure requirements I have over 6 years of experience and have advised the public, private and government sectors.


If I believe in a product or service I may invest, I’ve been an early investor in Draper Esprit, FeverTree, Monzo, FreeTrade, Tesla, Amazon and many more.

I’m always interested in learning more about investment opportunities, whether at Seed stage or IPO level.


Over the past few years, I’ve helped to raise over £100,000 for charity in my spare time as both a trustee of The Christian Blandford Fund, with our partnership with MK Food Bank and alongside other smaller projects.


I could probably just get away with calling myself a web developer but in reality, I rely on a team of designers & coders to do the heavy lifting, but I know what works well and how to integrate it.


Although often in my spare time for charity, another passion of mine is event organising, I’ve been part of the team that organised Europe’s largest electric car show alongside many other events.


I enjoy the thrill of being in front of the camera (or just off to the side) as long as it’s discussing something that I’m passionate/knowledgeable about or it’s interviewing someone that is.


The homeless & vulnerable of Milton Keynes

The Christian Blandford Fund

Tesla & Electric Cars

faster 0-60 than most supercars & good for the local environment


DCS World A-10C | Project Cars | Battlefield Franchise | Arma 3


The joys of being hidden behind the glass

Home Automation

Robot Hoovers | Connected Home | IFTTT and so much more


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