Hi, I am Will.

Environmentalist. Founder. EV Enthusiast. Dad.

Making a greener world for my children whilst inspiring others to use money to better themselves.

Skills & Experience.


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10 ways (2010+)

Showing our ~2 million weekly users across the UK ways to use money not as the thing that they obsess about earning but as the tool that they use to better themselves.

Lurk.com (2019+)

Pre-Launch: Tracking the prices of the top 100 UK online stores.


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Tesla Owners UK – Club President 2016+

From running newsworthy national events to representing 12,000 Tesla Owners in the UK at Government Consultations alongside the awesome volunteer committee.

#2 UK Tesla Referrer* (£9million+ in sales)

From standing inside Tesla stores whilst my wife shopped elsewhere to running a useful owners blog. *based on CO2


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2019 onwards

Whether you want advice on your new electric car fleet or want to know the best-charging infrastructure requirements I have over 6 years of experience and have advised the public, private and government sectors. Blog 


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2014 onwards

I live and breathe technology, startups, products and services, with a keen eye on the small details and a passion for the user experience.


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Working with brands such as Spotify, Sky, Monzo, FreeTrade, EE,  Adidas and over 200 other brands to grow their customer base.


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Primarily under the Tesla Owners UK position, I’ve helped to run some large events such as Fully Charged Live, Silverstone Classic, Drag Racing Days, Road Trips etc.


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From fireside chats on YouTube to TV interviews.


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2014 onwards

I’ve been an early investor in Draper Esprit, FeverTree, Monzo, FreeTrade, Tesla, Amazon and many more. I’m always interested in learning more about investment opportunities, whether at Seed stage or IPO level.

Getting money from Elon Musk*

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Over the past few years, I’ve helped to raise over £100,000 for charity in my spare time.

Children in NHS Hospitals

As a trustee of The Christian Blandford Fund I’m thrilled to have played a small part in the ‘Toy Tesla’ appeal. *I was fortunate to get Elon’s financial support as well.

MK Food Bank

Each year (since 2015) the company I founded 7able has been proud to donate enough money to feed 1,200 families, for those wondering only people who have been referred by an official agency (e.g. Doctor, Housing Office, Job Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau etc) can claim a food parcel with a maximum of 5 parcels per year. It’s purely an emergency box, not designed to be relied upon but to get them out of trouble for 3-5 days.

Also, if you run any events across Milton Keynes and have leftover food please contact me and I can arrange for collection and distribution.

Pizza, Coffee & Beer

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