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Are Tesla’s All-Weather Mats worth the price? (£340 price tag)

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At £170 per set, these are the most expensive pieces of plastic I own but they serve a purpose and seem like pretty high-quality plastic.


Trunk set

If you’ve got a dog in the boot or have a tendency to do trips in your Model S to the dump/tip etc then the Trunk set I think is a great option.

Alternatively, I’ve been recommended Rhino covers.

Interior Set

If you do lots of trips to snowy, wet locations then the Interior set is a good option.

The problem:

They’re a pain to clean, even after a full wipe down with a damp cloth they were still pretty dirty.tesla-mats-car

And the edges on the two in the boot/trunk curl up on them constantly, which looks naff.


I’ve resorted to a pressure washer to clean them now which seemed to do a better job than hand cleaning.


The alternatives:

  • Stop moaning, get on with it and give them a clean once and a while
  • All Tesla’s come with standard fabric mats, just use those and put dirty or muddy boots in the boot/trunk
  • The £35 Boot Matt (see below)
  • Rhino Covers (see below)
  • I’m still hunting for cheaper non-branded versions, if you know of a link please message me.

The £35 Boot Mat from Germany

matCar Body Design EU sells this for £34.99 + free delivery

Rhino Covers

Rhino UK Bootliners Ltd offered to make one a custom fitted bootliner for the Model S after Gwyn Williams contacted them. It’s made in the UK, costs £100, good quality material and it fits perfectly. Should be easy to order now that they have the Model S dimensions. Thanks to Tony for this photo.


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