Tesla Model S Liquid Elements 6 layers of ceramic paint protection completed

Just collected The Beast from having it’s 6 layers of ceramic paint protection completed, it is guaranteed for up to 6 years but we will have to see how long it actually lasts, my estimate is 3-4 years. My detailer refuses to use Gtechniq as Liquid Elements is a superior product which is interesting, it is just Gtechniq is so heavily marketed that we all buy it.

It should be noted: I’ve not been asked to recommend Liquid Elements nor my detailer, it was 100% my decision to have it applied and I paid full price for it (£595).

The paintwork was covered with Liquid Elements Shield 3K and then finished with Shield reactor (public can’t buy the reactor supposedly)

This method of having 6 layers is more than normal but it basically ensures you will get up to 6 years protection from it, for instance on my last Tesla I just have a single coating of ECO shield (which is a cheaper option at around £350 for a full car) but will only last 2-3 years.liquid-elements

The wheels & brake calipers were removed and coated with R-EVOLVE ‘X’

This gives stronger scratch resistant properties, dirt won’t stick and it will be easier to clean as snow foam + jet wash + two bucket technique is all that will be needed to bring them up perfectly and no need for wax/sealants etc.


The glass, chrome, lights, metal door sills etc were covered with Eco Shield

Meaning I don’t have to use my window wipers anymore, the windscreen should last 3-9 months before reapplying, the rest of the windows & chrome protection should last 2-3 years.


Both the keys were also covered in Eco Shield

This should prevent small scratches appearing, especially as I don’t use a pouch. gtechniq-keys-tesla

Here is what the car looked like at the end:

Links for those wanting to know more:




I also asked him what I should do cleaning wise now the car is coated and he said:

  1. Snow foam first (with LE Blizzard or Blizzard force) – I will use my existing snow foam for now
  2. Pressure wash
  3. 2 Bucket technique with LE Shampoo pearl rain – I will use my existing shampoo for now
  4. Use water purifier / DE-IONISING water filter and rinse
  5. Don’t dry & no wax needed

This is a bit different to the how I normally would clean my car as there is no need to use alloy wheel cleaner but if needed (heavy stubbon marks) use 1/10 water downed LE Brake Away.

The other options if you don’t or can’t go for Liquid Elements are:

Work was done by Gareth @ Calverts Car Clean in Leighton Buzzard, super service and very knowledgeable.