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UPDATED: My Tesla Model S Wishlist Vs what we’re getting

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Back in December 2020 I put together this list, after the latest announcement (Jan 2021) I’ve updated it with what we now know.

UPDATE: As of June 10th reveal/delivery event we know even more, I’ve updated the list.

❌ = No ❓ = Awaiting confirmation ✅ = Yes confirmed ⚠️ = Similar change but not quite the same

  1. ❌ Soft Closing Doors (similar to X)
  2. ❌ Kick/Foot sensor for boot/trunk
  3. ✅ Improved Noise-cancelling Glass (Model 3/Y)
  4. ✅ Heat Pump (Model 3/Y)
  5. Model 3 style keycard / Bluetooth app
  6. ✅/ ❌Track Mode (sort of, it gives drag strip mode)
  7. ✅Changes to the inverter/motor cooling to prevent power fade
  8. ❌ Built-in worldwide ‘travel’ plug with pure sinewave inverter alongside
  9. ✅ USB-C throughout in both the boot and centre console.
  10. ❓ Hidden and built-in USB-C behind the dash (to aid additional device powering e.g. 3rd party trackers/dash cameras)
  11. ✅ Model 3/Y style cabin heating
  12. ❌ New 180° camera in the nose of the car
  13. ❌ 360° camera views
  14. ❌ Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA)
  15. ❌New Premium Interior Pack (e.g. contrast stitching)
  16. ✅ Dechromed (like 3/Y)
  17. ❓ Native CCS 350kW (not clear but doesn’t appear to be)
  18. ✅/❌ Cooling and Massage seats with additional adjustability
  19. ❓Upgraded Brakes
  20. ✅/ ❌New Exterior stronger lights with Matrix (So this is a bit confusing, the manual references something called Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) but it’s not clear how new or Matrix light
  21. ❌ Electrochromatic roof and windows
  22. ❌ Customised RGB+W LED interior lighting
  23. ❌ Powered Frunk
  24. ❌ Passenger Seat Profiles
  25. ✅ New centre console
  26. ✅ New internet browser (not linked to the announcement)
  27. ❌ Grab handles
  28. ❌ Hidden Tow Bar
  29. ✅ More performance
  30. ✅ More range
  31. ❌ Dedicated rain sensor
  32. ⚠️ £20,000 price increase to pay for it all (£6,000 price increase so far)

Other cool things that weren’t on my list but that are great to see Tesla do:

Things that I dislike that they’ve done:

❌Removal of red brake callipers for Plaid
❌Removal of the standard steering wheel (at least give people the option)

What have I missed or do you disagree with one? Let me know in the comments.

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