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The Abstract Ocean Phone holder review / the ultimate maps setup

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Of course, I asked the UK owners club which phone holder is the best, my previous Montar car mount was good but a little chunky for my liking here were the results:


I narrowed this down to:

I ordered the Abstract Ocean Magnetic Slimline phone holder from the US because I liked the flexibility it gave, I can place it in multiple locations (albeit not without removing the sticky backing), I was very tempted to order what appears to be an identical unit from China but went for the US version.


First of all, expect a lovely Royal Mail £8 charge for the collection of £3.95 VAT, it might be better to pay for courier delivery instead, UK delivery was $16.99


This is how it arrives, a fairly cheap plastic covering an OK but slightly battered box.


Now to decide where to fit, right side seems popular and I’ve seen others run a power cable to this location.

To the left of the wheel is quite neat and easily in reach with my eye line not that far from the road.mount3

To the left of the screen, aka the old position of my phone (minus an inch or two due to the reach on the Montar car mount), I fear a little bit of a stretch for most people to touch the phone.

I decided to place it just to the left of the steering wheel, a quick clean with the included alcohol wipe, peel back the 3M sticky back and fix the magnet on to the dash. Very simple.

The only problem is the orange is rather ugly in my opinion, it would be nice if they included a black or chrome version of the rubber. Also the black and chrome inner ‘coin’ is very easily scratched!


You then place the metal plate between your phone and case or stick it on the back of your phone. You get two in the box so ideal if you have two phones or a phone + tablet?? My

phone-stickerMy Spigen iPhone 6s case has a small section at the back designed for these sort of metal plates/magnets.iphone-mountBoom! A quick 5 minute job (4 of which were deciding on which location to pick)

I hope you find this useful.

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