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All the Green / Renewable Energy Electricity Providers in the UK + is it worth switching?

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What is renewable energy?

“Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlightwindraintideswaves, and geothermal heat.”

Do the renewable energy providers install a special renewable energy only cable to my house?

Renewable energy providers (sadly) don’t lay a special electricity cable to your house, the energy you get from the grid will still partially come from a nuclear, gas turbine or coal power station (for now) however for every 1kWh of electricity you consume your renewable energy provider will ensure (via either a contract with a renewable energy production provider or via a trusted partner as part of a Power Purchase Agreement) that 1kWh of electricity is purchased from a renewable source i.e. a solar farm, hydro plant or wind farm etc.

If my power is most likely still coming from fossil fuels is there any point?

Yes, by switching to a green/renewable energy provider you’re ensuring that the grid as a whole is ever so slightly greener which is good for everyone (especially future generations), this increase in renewable energy requests leads to more renewable energy production/infrastructure which speeds up the adoption of renewable energy across the country, allowing us to copy/mimic countries like Norway and Iceland that are using 100% renewable energy sources for electricity!

So whilst your immediate energy needs are most likely being topped up by fossil fuel powered electricity generation, your contribution does speed up the adoption speed in which the whole of the UK moves away from relying on dinosaur fossils to power our homes and cars.

Who are the renewable providers in the UK?

Bulb *
Green Energy UK
Octopus Energy *
Pure Planet
Tonik Energy
Good Energy
Green Network Energy
Fischer Energy
E.ON Clean Energy Fixed
Co-operative Energy
Green Star Energy
So Energy
Bristol Energy
People’s energy
Haven Power

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