Tesla YouTubers you should find interesting

A list of Tesla YouTubers you should check out (especially if you’re new to Tesla)

Fully Charged with Robert Llewellyn

Everything EV related + The renewable future and generating our own power

Superb high-quality videos with a small team creating the videos, a must watch for all Tesla fans.

Robert is not only funny but one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.

A must watch each week.

James Cooke

UK based Tesla + EV + Technology Enthusiast + Daily Vlogger

James daily vlogs his life with a large chunk of the Vlog focusing on batteries, Tesla, other EVs, technology and the future.

Very interesting watch and highly recommended.

Tesla Bjørn (aka Bjørn Nyland)

A legend in the Tesla world, Tesla gave him a free Model X for referring so many people to buy a car

Extremely passionate Tesla owner based in Norway, he travels the world in his Tesla X and S with video roadtrips and in-depth discussions and news.

Tesla Racing

Young guy races his P90DL against petrol cars on a drag strip

Not everyone’s cuppa tea but great to see the performance of the car.

Jehugarcia (Aka Jehu)

DIY Tesla Powerwall, DIY EV VW campervan and loads more

This guy pulls things apart, builds things and loves EVs. He also Daily Vlogs about his camera support business, electric campervan and everything else he finds interesting.


Tesla Model S Vs some very nice cars

Alongside fun challenges Brooks (the owner) races his Model S against some great cars both on and off the race strip.

Jason Hughes

Jason does in-depth teardowns of the Tesla Model S

Along with info on his solar system Jason literally pulls apart Model S cars to show us what is inside, he is currently rebuilding the drivetrain in his lounge!

Jorgen Winther-Larsen

Friends with Bjørn Nyland and often they feature in each others videos. He travels around Norway and goes into details about how parts of the Tesla works etc.


Tesla news, discussion and hands on reviews

Rather detailed and often very long videos but interesting nonetheless.

Like Tesla

A family that own a Model X, they often vlog their trips around the US showing off all the features of the Model X.