To remove letters on a Tesla or not? AKA Badge Deletion

We’ve all heard of people adding P and D letters to their Tesla cars, I don’t have a problem with this, heck I did the exact same thing on my first ever car, It was a 1.2L Polo GTI 😉

Anyway, at the other end of the range there are now many Tesla owners removing the letters completely, just to leave the backend bare. Or there are people like myself that have gone half way and removed the ‘Model S’ but left the other badges in place.

Is adding letters to your car so the car appears to be a better/faster/more expensive model wrong or is it just a bit of fun?

A Model S with no ‘Model S’ and no other letters

The beauty of this is nobody knows what car you actually have, there is literally no way of knowing (other than red brake calipers on a P model).


My Model S with no ‘Model S’ but the remaining P90DL

From my point of view, I prefer the Model S without any badges at all but I’ve kept those symbols to prove my car is what it is, I may take them off in the future but the fact that P letter costs £17,500 and that L underline costs £8,700 means I’m slightly resisting that urge.