My current list of favourite gadgets for the home, car and on-the-go

In my opinion anything that can improve or speed up my life is worth buying, here are some of my current tech favourites.

FLIR – Thermal Imaging Camera – £189 paid
Great way of seeing the world differently, superb way to spot insulation issues

Giottos Blower – £15
Amazingly useful for so many tasks, cleaning tech etc.

Neato Robot LIDAR Hoover – £450 paid
“Yes darling, I’ve done all the hoovering today”

Ring Doorbell + Chime – £135 paid + £30
One of the most used gadgets, when I’m away from home I can speak with anyone that visits the house (via the app), also a great security aid + also I’ve connected it via SmartThings so the whole house is alerted when the doorbell is pressed.

Philips Hue Bulbs, light strips – Purchased far too many of these
Superb smart bulbs (controlled by Alexa/SmartThings/etc) but go for ‘Richer Colours’ versions if you can.

Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke Detectors – £80-£100 paid
Smart Smoke Detectors, linked to SmartThings/IFTTT/Hue/Sonos. Sends you alerts to your phone etc.

Samsung SmartThings – £200 paid
A great start to start home automation, the backbone to our home system. Example use: When the postbox gets post I get a notification. Combined with some Multisensors 6.

Lansky Knife Sharpener – Paid £10
Great 4-in-1 device

Amazon Echo – £99 paid
Control the Tesla, TV, Lights etc with your voice

Logitech Harmony – £130 paid
Allows home automation system to control

Anker Power Brick – £20 paid
One on the desk, one behind the sofa and one by the bed.

Anker Portable Battery Packs – I have multiple
One in the laptop bag, one in the emergency bag and one in the car.

Amazon Basics 6ft cables – £10-£12 twin pack
Having these long cables are a godsend, ideal for in bed and by the sofa.

Philips HEPA Filter – £350 paid
Purifies air, ideal for anyone in a city with dirty diesels nearby.

Marxman Chalk Spray – £7.99 paid
If you’ve ever used a drill to put up a picture frame, set of shelves, outside light or anything into a wall then buy this, it’s so simple but still brilliant.

Nest Thermostat – £199 paid + installation
Superb device, save money, control your heating+hot water from phone / IFTTT + voice control (Alexa)

Technoline BL-700 Battery Charger – Paid £32
Charges up the rechargeable batteries we use so we don’t have to pay for

Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R
A lawnmower that cuts the grass without you having to do anything!

Withings WS-30 Wireless Scale Black – £100 paid
Connects to apps, easy to track progress.

Sighthound Software – $250 paid
Security camera software that allows Cloud / IFTTT integration

Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer (now replaced by 3) – £1,798
Build anything you want from home, ideal to fix products or create awesome items.