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The things I love and dislike about the Tesla iOS app V4

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Overall it’s great to see Tesla make some changes on the app, I also presume it’s the first step to overhaul the feature list as well and whilst my list of dislikes/improvements is long it’s only because I ever want Tesla to be perfect and unstoppable.

Things I love about the new app:

  1. Those silky smooth animations
  2. New look (personally think it looks very smart)
  3. The speed the app opens and moves between pages
  4. The fact you can send commands to the car even if the car isn’t connected yet to the app (e.g. click boot open, close the app and then the car boot opens, removing any ‘loading wait’)
  5. iOS widget
  6. The ‘Service’ part of the app now uses your phone’s location to set your address (meaning in theory no more typing in your full home address to book an appointment.
  7. Phone key support update (for those with Model 3 and another Tesla product this is soooo good)
  8. Profile image (makes it feel like we’re 1 step closer to profiles we can move between cars)
  9. No annoying fake Powerwall on your account for those without a Powerwall
  10. The charge rate display, e.g. “32/32A – 7kW” and time remaining area is better placed and feels new?
  11. New Service History page with a filter (e.g. select mobile or service centre / cancelled etc)

The things I dislike / wish were implemented

  1. Lack of customisation (e.g. I never open the frunk so don’t want that button on the homepage but I do open the boot from the app quite often. I do press ‘remote start’). The charging icon on the home screen doesn’t actually do anything, it’s green when charging and white when not but that’s it.
  2. No ability to adjust the schedule charging times or ‘leave by’
  3. Where is charging amps or smart home charger support?
  4. The fact reservations show on the home screen, so instead of going from my car to my Powerwall I have to scroll past my Model X on order (that likely won’t be here for 2 years).
  5. Lack of customisation of the iOS widget (e.g. I’d like to have the Powerwall on display or as an extra widget, presumably some limitations thanks to Apple)
  6. Lack of Powerwall data, e.g. ‘hours left’ would be a nice feature (obviously it would automatically update depending on the load).
  7. No video upload video feature on service
  8. No ability to adjust payment card saved on the account
  9. Live view from all the cameras &/or sentry video clips sent to your app (I’d happily pay an extra £100 a year for this)
  10. Trip history (imagine if it showed the data like it does for Powerwall but for your car)
  11. Route planning
  12. Tap the % should then swap to miles
  13. Schedule pre-heating of the cabin (e.g. Monday-Friday set the cabin at 18c for 7am and again at 4.30pm) and/or linking with your calendar, so if you have something in the diary which you need to drive to the car pre-heats ready for it.
  14. Close Model S windows (appreciate it’s a safety issue supposedly) + automatic closing of windows if it rains (appreciate there would be a big drain on the battery with that).
  15. Apple Watch Support
  16. No Siri support, e.g. “Hey Siri, how much charge does my Tesla have”?

What have I missed?

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