Hi, I'm Will Fealey.

If you've got a tech product or service I would be more than willing to take a look and see if I can help.

If you've got something that can save people money and/or time then please message me immediately as I'm sure we can help each other.

Thank you 

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"What do you do?"

Will runs one of the UK's largest deal sites (with over 1.6 million weekly users), along the way he's been fortunate to meet some amazing people and alongside them has managed to help tens of thousands of people a day.

From helping to feed the homeless nationwide for two days to forcing one of the largest supermarkets in the UK to stop trading online for a day as thousands of Will's users were shopping for free. Will has certainly been disruptive in the money saving space. He refuses to pay full price for anything, in fact he goes as far as calling people fools if they do pay full price.

"There is ALWAYS a way to get something for less. Try the obvious ways to get a discount first (shopping around, discount codes, asking for price matches etc) but if those fail it's time to think outside the box, you could try asking yourself what does this person or company really suck at? It could be they have an awful social media presence, awful artwork on their shop walls or only poor reviews online. See if you can advise or better still show how you could fix the problem for them and in return a 100% discount could be your reward."

Will has turned down the likes of Channel 4 & the BBC for both interviews & TV shows and generally likes to stay under the radar although he insists this is quite the opposite for the pages, groups and websites he runs as they have seen national news coverage over the years.

In his spare time Will invests in other companies, rides mountain bikes, flies quadcopters/planes, tech & has been known to enjoy the odd beer.

He is also always on the look out for awesome coders.

How can you contact him?

He's on most social networks but prefers to be emailed directly.

He is based in Milton Keynes, UK.