Upgrading the LEDs on the Tesla Model S (Puddle Lights Edition)

Thanks to Chris Griffin’s recommendation (photo above) I picked up some Abstract Ocean replacement LED lights, here is the install process. Note: Abstract Ocean have a full install guide if you’re confused, don’t follow my advice and then blame me for breaking your Tesla 😉  The original bulbs are OK but they certainly could be improved,…

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20 new features we want for the Tesla Mobile App

I asked in the official UK owners group what functions should the new Tesla App have when 8.0 is released (or iOS app version 3), here are the answers: The app lacks the following features (answers sorted in order of importance from the 80 UK owners that responded to my survey). Trip planning inside the…

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The Must Have Accessories for your new Tesla Model S

Out of the showroom, the car is pretty much ready to go but here are a few things that many Tesla owners buy straight after or just before collecting. Full list (click for details): The Must Have products: Home Charger Untethered or Tethered? Who should install my home charger? What is the OLEV Grant? Chademo…

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What do we want? More Tesla service centres! When do we want them? Well as soon as possible but without over stretching budgets, putting more stress on other service centres and without creating a network of 3rd party service centres run by complete idiots!

A month and a half wait for a Tesla service is both a good sign and a bad sign, they can’t keep up with the demand and supposedly even warranty jobs are being pushed back to similar timeframes (I take that last point with a pinch of salt as my warranty issues have always been…

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Tesla Model S P90DL 0mph-123mph Acceleration Graph

Took the Tesla up to Santa Pod Raceway for a RWYB day, here is the data from the fastest run of the day (only got 2 runs as it was stupidly busy). Battery at around 90-95% SOC, Max Battery, Ludicrous, head wind and slightly damp track. Data via TeslaLog. I’ve seen other facelift models pull…

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Having two electric cars

Unfortunately, the above photo is a bit of a lie, I technically owned two Tesla Model S cars at one point but only for around 30 seconds as I signed over the ownership of my original P85D back to Tesla when I upgraded to a P90DL. In reality, our second EV is a Nissan Leaf…

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