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Tesla Model S P90DL 0mph-123mph Acceleration Graph

Took the Tesla up to Santa Pod Raceway for a RWYB day, here is the data from the fastest run of the day (only got 2 runs as it was stupidly busy). Battery at around 90-95% SOC, Max Battery, Ludicrous, head wind and slightly damp track. Data via TeslaLog. I’ve seen other facelift models pull…

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Having two electric cars

Unfortunately, the above photo is a bit of a lie, I technically owned two Tesla Model S cars at one point but only for around 30 seconds as I signed over the ownership of my original P85D back to Tesla when I upgraded to a P90DL. In reality, our second EV is a Nissan Leaf…

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My Model X Walkaround

I went to pick up my new Model S (pictured above to the left of the X) and noticed a rather large beast in the window, so I thought I’d take a quick look and film it:

Things to check when you pick up your Tesla

I will just start by saying I love my Tesla Model S but it is important to us all (as both owners, shareholders, staff & potential customers) that all the cars are in perfect condition on collection. I’ve experienced perfect customer service on both of my cars when I’ve had problems and they have always…

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