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Gaydon Tesla Meetup Charging Notes (Will Fealey + Mark Toor)

Plugshare (web and phone app) The best app to find chargers (photos, check-ins etc) Adding your charger (home/business etc) Open to all, public database Teslow Juice (Model S charging network) 344 charging locations Private Network (Emergency use only) Ranges from 3.5kw – 22kw Free to use, ideally offer £10 ish if doing a full charge…

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I manage a business and people keep asking about EV (electric vehicle) charging, what are the best options?

Having EV (Electric Vehicle) chargers at your business is a superb way of bringing new and existing customers to your hotel, restaurant, Airbnb or facility whilst also increasing your green credentials and promoting a future to be proud of. First of all just to be clear I'm completely impartial and am not getting paid for...

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