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November 2016

What is TeslaLog?

Short answer: Data Logging for your Tesla Long answer: Trip stats (MPH / SOC / Elev / WH/MILE / Temp / Current / Range / Level) Acceleration Graphs (Start Speed / Stop Speed / Max Power / Peak HP / Duration / Wh) Charge stats (Minute intervals showing Amps / Volts / kW / Rate...

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Gaydon Tesla Meetup Charging Notes (Will Fealey + Mark Toor)

Plugshare (web and phone app) The best app to find chargers (photos, check-ins etc) Adding your charger (home/business etc) Open to all, public database Teslow Juice (Model S charging network) 344 charging locations Private Network (Emergency use only) Ranges from 3.5kw – 22kw Free to use, ideally offer £10 ish if doing a full charge…

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