How to save money when buying a Tesla in the UK (& worldwide)

First of all it’s important to introduce myself, my name is William Fealey and I’m a Tesla owner, Tesla advocate, Tesla Fanboy & Tesla Critic. I’ve spoken & hopefully excited thousands of potential electric car owners across the UK with the prospect of sustainable and smart electric transport, I’m also a moderator of the UK official Tesla owners group.

On my blog I’ve written and curated many useful Tesla guides which I hope you find useful and many more on

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I can answer most Tesla related questions or find out the answers within minutes thanks to my direct contacts at Tesla and within the UK / Worldwide Tesla community.

10ways to save money on your Tesla purchase:

  1. Get discounted supercharging via a referral code
    You need to find an existing Tesla owner who has a referral code (here is mine When you’re a Tesla owner you’ll be able to do the same for your friends! You need to ensure you add these before you order, just contact your Delivery Specialist and get them to add the referral code or click the link above and order via the website. Note: If you’ve confirmed your order and your deposit is now non-refundable you may not be able to use the code.
  2. Buy a new, used or demo inventory car from Tesla, these are generally ready to drive away within 14 days. Tesla pre-build some popular specifications and sell on any cancelled customer order (sometimes happens when loss of job/change of circumstances happen) or it could be an ex- showroom, courtesy or demo car – these will be discounted depending on their age and mileage.Note: Referral Codes cannot be used on Tesla’s Certified Pre-Owned cars (i.e. secondhand).tesla-new
  3. If buying a new Tesla in the UK you will get £4500 taken off the price as part of the Governments OLEV Plug-In Scheme + the referral discount above if you can find a referral link
  4. Buy a certified pre-owned (CPO) car direct from Tesla (note: the £750 discount won’t apply), these are effectively secondhand cars that have been traded in by Tesla owners because they’ve upgraded to a slightly newer car.
  5. Avoid buying SOME accessories direct from Tesla, some are overpriced and others are great value, find out more on The Must Have Accessories for your new Tesla Model S. Once example might be to buy the 21″ wheels after purchase secondhand from eBay etc.
  6. Claim a discounted home charger from the Government OLEV Scheme (The grant is a 75% contribution towards the cost of one chargepoint and its installation up to a maximum of £500 (including VAT) per household/eligible vehicle.) Which Home Charger should I go for?
  7. Go for the 75kWh Tesla Model S or a car with features that are software limited (e.g. Full Autonomy Autopilot) and consider the SOFTWARE / OVER THE AIR upgrade in the future to the 75kWh or Full Autonomy.
  8. Consider the standard seatsthough not all-leather, they are surprisingly high quality and durable, getting decent reviews from owners who have them.
  9. Order the car you want with a discount code and then contact your DS (Delivery Specialist) to see if they have a similar car in stock elsewhere, you should still get the discount + you may get your car much sooner than waiting for an ordered car to be built.
  10. Do you own an AirBnb location or other facility such as a restaurant or shopping centre? If yes you could claim a FREE Tesla Destination charger which will bring you in new business
  11. Buy it now! Prices are always increasing. If you ordered a similar car to mine today it would cost around £18,000 more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the discounted supercharging expire?

It varies, if you’re unsure feel free to message me, you must order the car before this cut off date but you don’t have to confirm the order for another 14 days, if you change your mind within those 14 days you can amend the order online / by contacting your Delivery Team. If you wish to cancel your order within those 14 days you will get your deposit refunded.

Will a new referral scheme start after the previous one has ended?

Unfortunately, only Tesla knows that information, in the past they have paused it for several months.

I have a question can I speak with you?

Of course, my contact details are above. Facebook is best.

How long have I had a Tesla for?

I purchased shares in Tesla in 2014. I ordered my first Tesla (P85D) on 12th January 2015 after test driving one in 2014. I collected my second Tesla (P90DL) in June 2016. In April 2017 I collect by third Model S (P100DL AP2)

We also have a Nissan Leaf so have pretty good first-hand experience of driving an EV.

I’m not sure if I’ve added the referral code, how do I double check?

  1. Open a new browser window
  2. Copy the referral link and paste it into this window
  3. Once you click that link it should take you to a page that at the bottom reads ‘UNIQUE REFERRAL CODE …..’
  4. Design your Model S or X and a pop-up should appear showing the discount
  5. Once you’ve designed your perfect Tesla then go to purchase

I’m not in the UK will this discount code work elsewhere?

Yes, click the link and it should ask for your location. It will give around $1000USD or the equivalent in local currency off your purchase price.

  • John Deane

    I think you can now update the discount dates (15Mar) to the latest promotional quarter (15 June).

  • Mahesh

    Great blog. Glad I found it. Couple of questions, although referral code discounts are not something you can apply on second hand cars, I thought supercharger was something that is transferable, and free for life?

    Also, the salesman said Tesla are the same price worldwide and I wondered if you had heard of anyone importing one from somewhere like Denmark, where the tax on new cars is particularly high.

    Took a 75D out for a test drive and was blown away by it, like no other experience. Might have to wait till three points slink off my license though. I heard insurance cost can be high?

    • Will

      It depends on the cars and when they were originally purchased. Most CPO vehicles have supercharging for life but this now sticks with the vehicle and not the owner.

      I’m not sure the salesman was lying on purpose but sadly that is incorrect, tax, import costs etc are all passed on to customers basically.

      Insurance costs are mixed, it’s down to the postcode lottery really. I’ve seen prices between £190 and £2000.

      Any questions just let me know. Will.

  • fazal

    I have just purchased my model x, will a blue commando electric charger 32 amp be suitable in the driveway
    I spoke to an electrician he said it will cost £300 to fit
    what are your thoughts? other option i have is to go with Pod Point
    Please let me know as I am unsure

    • Will

      Yes but make sure it’s interlocked (e.g. not open to the elements and ideally able to be locked with a padlock). Make sure it’s away from kids hands as well.

      Ideally you want a Type 2 cabled charger so you don’t have to keep opening your boot to get your UMC out.

      This article should help >