Posters / Signs for Electric Cars (Dog inside, Free Parking, Chargebump, ICE in EV spot & Selfish EV drivers)

Some A5 flyers for printing on A4 paper (2 per sheet), some were created by myself & others from across the web.

If you’re feeling like a badass combine them with these fake parking tickets but just ensure you film their reaction!

If you’ve got other ideas for posters/flyers let me know.

Use at your own risk.

Cars &/or EVs/Hybrids blocking or plugged in to Tesla Superchargers (2 different versions on 1 A4 page)


Cars blocking other EV charging


Selfish EV drivers parking but not chargingsigns

Words by Gabriel Grasso




What is Chargebump? > Please download it! It makes EV parking a lot more simple!

Thanks to Paul

Dog inside with Aircon left on


Electric Vehicle = Free Parking


Non EVs parking in EV bays