Tesla Model S Light Show + Model X Dance Sync (2018.33.6)

Up until September 8th 2018, Model X owners have had to manually sync Model X dances between multiple cars using the trusty counting from 1…2…3… method, however, Tesla today has released a hidden software easter egg within ‘My Tesla‘ which enables you to sync with multiple Tesla cars (as long as you have 3 or more vehicles in close proximity to one another). Also, Model S now has a ‘Light Show’ feature which also can pair with other Model S vehicles or even sync with Model X

How to enable? (for both Model X Sync and Model S ‘Light Show Sync’)

  1. Login to your Tesla account
  2. Press ‘Manage’ under your vehicle VIN
  3. Scoll down on the next page and just below ‘AutoPilot Upgrade’ or the support form you will see Model S or Model X sync enabler.

  • Michi Sakayama

    Does this mean the Model S can do the light show, or just that it can sync to Model X’s that are doing it?